Avalon Classics
3 Inch Inseam Swim Trunks

short length swim trunks, 13" to 15" length, tailored fit, 3" inseam

The Classics: 3" Inseam Short Swim Trunks

The Classics are a flagship men’s 3 inch inseam swim trunk from Avalon. They have been with us since day 1 and continue to be one of our most popular sellers. The Classics are a short swim trunk designed to sit mid-thigh and will provide a more modern look. These swim trunks have a 3″ inseam and are provide a slimmer-fit leg opening. The Classics are constructed using a 2-ply nylon taslan that supports quick dry and the inner super soft inner eliminate chafing. The Classics support a 4 pocket design and are functional beyond the beach or the pool

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The Classics Men's Swim Trunk by Avalon

Classics 3" inseam swim trunk Highlights

Our Basic Premium Swim Trunk
Timeless Class & Style

Ultra Slim-fit Swim Trunk
Short Length: 13″ to 15″ Swim Trunk
3″ Inseam to Sit Mid-Thigh
Material: Premium Nylon Taslan
Material Features: Quick Dry, Ultra Soft & Moisture Wicking
Half Elastic Waist
Built in Liner (cuttable)
Side Pockets & Back Pocket

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Classics Swim Trunk Sizing

Avalon Classics: Men's Short Swim Trunks Sizing

Waist: 29-30″ / Length: 13.5″ / Inseam 3.25″ / Leg Opening: 22″

Waist: 31-32″ / Length: 13.875″ / Inseam 3.375″ / Leg Opening: 22.75″

Waist: 33-34″ / Length: 14.75″ / Inseam 3.5″ / Leg Opening: 23.5″

Waist: 35-36″ / Length: 15″ / Inseam 3.675″ / Leg Opening: 24.25″

3 inch inseam swim trunks by Avalon

About Avalon Supply Co.

Based in Southern California, Avalon Supply Co. is a swimwear brand who specializes in tailored short length swim trunks for men.

We started Avalon after not being able to find affordably priced, high quality, short length swim trunks. Existing brands trunks were either too long, too wide at the leg or overpriced. This hole in the market was one we decided to target. In 2014 we started with designing the best short swim trunk and soon after launched the Avalon brand.

As a designer of men’s swim trunks, our focus is to ensure our customers look their best. We attempt to blend style, fit and functionality in our line of swim trunks. Our Classics are designed for those looking for a slim-fit and short inseam swim trunk will sit above the knee.

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