Premium, Hand-made Sustainable Goods with a Focus on Style & Fit

Based on the sunny shores of Newport Beach, California, Avalon is a premium men’s swimwear brand that take inspiration from retro California surf culture.

Avalon was born from the frustration around trying to find a tailored, well-fitting pair of swim trunks. In 2014, the pieces were put in motion to create a premium swimwear brand that integrated retro surf style with new age materials, functionality and sustainability.

As a designer, our primary focus is on style and fit – delivering well-tailored, form fitting products. We parlay this with some of the finest quality materials and manufacturing processes to deliver premium quality goods at fair prices. At the foundation of the brand is a minimalist approach. Out simple yet aesthetically pleasing designs deliver sustainability through quality and timeless styles.

Avalon is committed to delivering high-quality, expertly tailored garments that keep our customers looking good.

Look Good, Feel Good