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Avalon Del Rey 4.5 Inch Inseam Swim Trunks Collection

Avalon Del Rey Swim Trunks are a short length, modern fit men’s trunk. We’ve handcrafted the Del Rey’s using a ultra-premium polyester fabric with 4-way stretch and bult in a comfort boxer brief liner (non-compression) for the ultimate in comfort. These short length, slim-fit swim trunks feature a 4.5 inch inseam, button waist, inner drawstring, side waist clasps and zipper fly. The Del Rey 4.5 Inch Inseam Swim Trunks are sure gonna keep you looking your best the summer.

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  • Tan Swim Trunks for Men. Short Length 01
  • Men's 4.5 Inch Swim Trunks: Snow Camo Print 09
  • Del-Rey 4.5 Inch Inseam Swim Trunks: Red Floral 01
  • Men's 4.5 Inch Inseam Swim Trunks with Compression Liner in Green: 09
  • Men's 4.5 Inch Inseam Swim Trunks with Compression Liner: Geo Blue 08
  • Men's Swim Trunks with Compression Liner: Navy Blue
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As a designer, our primary focus is on style and fit – delivering well-tailored, form fitting products. We parlay this with some of the finest quality materials and manufacturing processes to deliver premium quality goods at fair prices. At our foundation, we take a minimalist approach while paying superb attention to the smallest details. Our simple yet aesthetically pleasing designs deliver sustainability through quality and timeless styles.

Avalon is committed to delivering high-quality, expertly tailored swimwear to keep you looking your best.

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